Two bob.
I'm out.
Yeah, so am I. You're a fuckin'
jammy bleeder, Cooper.

You're gettin' chicken, Des.
Look, I only had an ace.

I gotta go
to Broadwick Street now.

Take some stuff up there.
[Mr Fulford] Will you run
that film again, please?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
0h, yeah, Des. I don't like
to be cruel. Take it all back.

Nah, it's yours. You won it.
That's the ten bob I owe you.
[Des laughs]

Fuck off! I ain't carrying
all that fuckin' change about!

Take it or leave it, me son.
Take it or leave it.

I'll see you later, Harry.
See you, Des.

Er, Mr Cale sent me to collect
some stuff for Broadwick Street.

Yes, we've been waiting
for you for over an hour.

Come on, that stuff's got
to be over there fast. F.A.S.T.

[Imitates engine]
Watch the cloth, moth.
[Man] Tacky little herbert.
- You want to hear it?
- Yeah.

Number two.
[Music plays softly]