[Sighs] 0h, boy!
What you gonna do tonight?

Wait for a call,
I suppose.

[Steph] Listen, I'll see you
later, all right? Bye!

Wotcha, Jimmy.
What you doing here, then?
- Waiting for you.
- Yeah? What for?

- To give you a lift.
- Great.

- Steph?
- What?

You goin' to Brighton
this weekend?

- Yeah, you?
- 'Course I am.

Who you goin' with?
Pete's taking me.
Gonna be good, innit?

Yeah. Good.
You and Pete gettin'
a bit strong, then?

No, course not.
He's a laugh, that's all.

Bit flash though, ain't he?
I wouldn't be with him
otherwise, would I?

Nah. S'pose not.
You jealous?
'Course I ain't.
Nah? That's a pity,
I thought you was.

[Bell rings, cheering]
[Bells ring]
[Jim laughs]
[Chalky laughs]
It's a technique!
All right, boys?
So what we gonna do about pills?
If we're goin' to Brighton,
we'll need bloody millions.

I wanna get out me head.
That's not difficult
with your little monkey brain.

Get some rockers off their
heads, knock 'em off!

I was thinkin' about
getting a gun.

Don't talk bloody daft!
I'm gettin' my suit tomorrow.
0nly 'cause
you wanna screw Steph.

- No!
- Hey, Jim!

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Go outside!
We're goin', ain't we.
0h, let's go, then.
[All mutter disdainfully]
The rolls have got scabs on 'em!