What sort of time
d'you call this?

I haven't got a watch.
Don't come funny, lad.
It's nearly midnight, isn't it?

I ain't gonna turn
into a pumpkin, am I?

Anyway, you're pissed.
[Mum] What's going on?
I've been sat up,
waiting for you.

I can do without
your clever remarks.

[Mum] George!
Who'd you think you are?
I don't know. You tell me, eh?
You're barmy, that's what.
Staying out all hours.

Gettin' up to God knows what.
Dressing like a bloody freak.

Stand still when
I'm talking to you.

I wouldn't be surprised
if you're on drugs.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I know what you
get up to, your gang.

You've got to be part of a gang.
Got to be a mod.

Haven't you got
a mind of your own?

I'll tell you,
you're schizophrenic, you are.

What's that then, eh?
I'll tell you.
It's somebody like you,

who doesn't know
where his mind is.

Bloody split personality.
Half your mother's family
were the same.

That's where you get it.
Your Uncle Sid was always
trying to kill himself.

And when he did
it was an accident.

He never knew what he was doing.
- What happened to him?
- He got drowned, didn't he?

Fell down a bleedin' well
in the garden.

Go on, get off to bed.