[Dogs bark]
Butch! Jenny! It's all right.
Go on, get back in there.
Hello, young Jim. 0n holiday?
Nah, just fancied the day off.
You'll be a bloody beatnik
before you know it.

Ban the bomb and do fuck all.
Poncin' about.

0h, you're all right.
Just you and your Uncle Charlie.

Don't have to bother
with a load of cunts.

- You know what I mean.
- I don't.

No work, no money.
And I like money.
'Ere, Pete, what about Brighton
this weekend, eh?

What about it?
Er, pills.
We thought you might
get hold of some.

Why me?
I'm not a fuckin' pusher.

No, but you know
some blokes who are?

Not me.
Charlie's mates.
And I'm not gonna start blabbing
about mates of Charlie's.

They're fuckin' big.
They don't mess about.

Anyway, don't know why you're
worryin'. Ferdy'll have some.

Well, Ferdy ain't
been seen, has he?

He'll turn up. Friday, he'll pop
up like a jack-in-the-box.

0r a golliwog.
Ain't bloody here, is he?
Cunt. I wonder where he is?

I dunno.
This place gives me the shits.
Bleedin' nig-nogs everywhere.
Shut up.
It's like bleedin'
Calcutta round 'ere.

Calcutta's in India.
Yeah, West India. That's where
they bleedin' come from, innit?

- Yeah.
- What's so funny?

[Window opens above]
Just who you lookin' for,

[Jim] Is Ferdy in?
He not here. Him gone out.
Looking for Ferdy?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
He's gone out.