It is a good word.
You have a child without
the church's blessing.

As our honorable chaplain puts it...
..."Without the church's blessing."
Captain, sir...
...the lord won't mind the little bundle
having no Amen before he was made.

The lord said, "Suffer the little
children to come unto me."

What? What kind of a
strange answer is that?

Are you trying to confuse me?
When I say you, I mean you, you!

Us poor people, you see, Captain...
...money... money.
A penniless man has no use
for morals in this world.

One is made of flesh and blood, also.
Our kind is suffering,
in this world and the next.

If we ever got to heaven...
they'd make us work the thunder.

Woyzeck, you have no virtue.
You are not a virtuous man.

Flesh and blood.
When I look out
the window after the rain...

...and watch those white
stockings gallivanting along...

Damn, Woyzeck,
love’s coming over me.

I'm also made of flesh and blood...
But the virtue, the virtue!

How should I pass the time?
I always say to myself...

You are a virtuous man, a good man.
A good man.
Yes, sir, Captain.
The virtue.
You see, us common folk,
we don't have virtue...

...we do what comes naturally.
Yes, if I was a gentleman
with a hat and a watch...