...wear jacket, wears pants,
swings saber!

The monkey is a soldier.
That's not much yet...

...it's the lowest rank of mankind.
So, take a bow. Good.
You're a baron.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...get your tickets for our
astronomical horse.

Right inside the tent.
Please, step right up!

- Do you want to?
- Alright.

Must be quite something.
Look at the tassels on that man!
And the woman has pants on!

Look at her.
What a woman!

You could sire a cavalry regiment
on her...

Yes, and breed drum-majors!
Ladies and gentlemen. You will
now see the Astronomical Horse.

It'll tell you anything
you want to know.

How ode? What illness?
How many kids?

Show your talent!
Show your beastly reason!

Put human society to shame!
Ladies and gentlemen...
...the animal you see here,
with its tail and four hooves...

...is a member of
the academic society...

...and professor at our university...
...where he teaches the
students to ride and to fight.

Is there a jackass present in
our esteemed assembly?