...and God willing,
you'll be able to mumble...

...and we can make
groundbreaking experiments.

Don't scare me, Doctor!
People have died of fright before...

...simply of fright.
I already see the people
with lilies in their hands...

...but they will say,
"He was a good man, a good man."

Hey, Woyzeck, what's the hurry?
Stay a while, Woyzeck.

Running through creation like
a razor. You will cut someone.

Running, like he has to shave a
whole regiment of eunuchs...

...that will hang him over the last
hair, before he can get away.

But, about the long beards,
what was I going to say?

- The long beards...
- A long beard under the chin...

Plinius talked about that.
Soldiers should get rid of this habit.

Yes, about the long beards.
Found any hair in your soup,

Hey, do you understand me?
Yes Sir, Captain.
A human hair from the beard of
a private, a sergeant, a...

...a drum-major's?
Hey, Woyzeck?

But he has a good wife.
He doesn't have this problem.

Yes, sir.
What are you saying, Captain?
Look at his face.
Well, maybe not in your soup...
...but if you hurry, you may
still find one on a pair of lips.

A pair of lips, Woyzeck!
I have known love, Woyzeck!

The guy is white as a ghost!
...I am a poor devil.
She's all I have in this world.
If you're joking, Captain...