Zhong hua zhang fu

Do you give in & dare not come out?
l'm waiting for you.
Ah To.
Do you give in?
Give in? Look at your outfit, what is it?
This is Ninjitsu, you ignorant fool.
Properly practised it's powers are

A while back you were at my mercy.
Had l used stronger gun powder...
you'd have been blown to pieces.
lf the dagger was poisoned,
you would have died.

ls there such martial arts in China?
Of course.
But it is better known as ambush.
Poison, lethal aroma, secret arrows.
These are forbidden in the
Chinese kung fu world.

Only treacherous villains use them.
What more insults do you have?
Let's hear them once and for all.
l'm not insulting you, it's the truth.
The way of kung fu emphasises on
being fair and open.

To win is the most important thing.
No doubt, but so is the method one uses.
This is too low.
You're calling me low?
Not you.
l'm referring to the ninja skills.
Just drop them.

You don't even know the history
of Ninjitsu.

l wouldn't want to listen to
something as treacherous

...even if you told me.
lgnorant bull, you know nothing of
Japan martial arts.

You're not eligible to fight with me.