Zombi 2

Where did they find
this abandoned boat?.

I'll put someone on it.
The boys in blue been there yet?.

Thanks for your information.
You're a sweetheart.

Get West in here.
Peter, the chief wants you.
Right. Thanks. See you.
- What can I do for you, Chief?.
- Sit down.

- Are you busy now?.
- That depends.

I'm giving you an assignment.
What did she say?.

- Pier 15- there's a story there.
- Is it something big?

Boat without anyone on it,
cop killed.

Poke around a bit.
See what you can find.

Okay. I'll let you know.
Keep the British out of
your prose, huh?

- Don't mention your uncle owns the paper.
- As if I would.

They're going over
the last details.

They are leaving now.
Do you see them?

Yes, they are bringing the body
to the coroners for an autopsy.

All right, back! Back!
You there, back overthere!
There's nothing to see.

Well, Miss Bowles, we're waitin'.
Yes, it's my father's boat.
Where's your father now?