Zombi 2

- I think it's three hours.
- Yes.

If it's on schedule,
we should arrive in St. Thomas at-

- Flight 782 for St. Thomas-
- Was that us?

- Passengers, proceed to Gate 8.
- Let's go.

No, no, no. I'll do that.
Last call for TWA flight 682
to Saint Thomas.

All aboard, please.
This is your final call.

Do you want to check on the boat,
or should we go to the hotel?

I don't know.
Whatever you think

Señor, do you know anyone
who can rent us a boat?.

Boat, señor?.
I'm sorry.
Not easy here to find boat.

We want to go to Matool.
It's very important.

I'm willing to pay whatever it costs.
Just now I remember
something, señor.

What did I tell you.
This moming, friend of mine say
two Americans cruise the islands.
That's his boat.
Last one at edge of jetty.
Maybe they take you.