- Roger, Denver.
- We have a visitor.

Captain Oveur, Mr Murdock, and
Mr Basta, this is Joey Hammen.

- Hi, Joey.
- Come up here.

This is for special visitors.
Would you like to have it?

- Thank you. Thanks a lot.
- Sure. Ever been in a cockpit?

No, I've never been up
in a plane before.

Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
- Shall I check the weather?
- No, why don't you take care of it?

Joey, do you ever hang
around a gymnasium?

- We'd better get back.
- No, Joey can stay for a while.

- Could I?
- OK, if you don't get in the way.

Flight 209er to Denver,
climbing to cruise at 42,000.

Will report again over Lincoln.
Over and out.

Wait a minute, I know you.
You're Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

You play basketball for
the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sorry, you have me confused
with someone else.

My name's Roger Murdock.
I'm the co-pilot.

You are Kareem! I've seen you play.
My dad's got season tickets.

You should go back to your seat now.
Right, Clarence?

No, he's not bothering anyone.
Let him stay here.

All right, but just remember
my name is Roger Murdock.

I'm an airline pilot.
I think you're the greatest,
but my dad says you don't work
hard enough on defence.

And he says lots of times
you don't even run downcourt.

And you don't try,
except during play-offs.

The hell I don't!
Listen, kid, I've been hearing
that crap ever since I was at UCLA.

I'm out there busting
my buns every night.

Tell your old man to
drag Walton and Lanier

up and down the court for 48 minutes.
Do you like movies about gladiators?