What is it, Doctor? What's going on?
I'm not sure.
Haven't seen anything like this

since the Anita Bryant Concert.
- What did we have for dinner?
- We had a choice - steak or fish.

Yes, I remember. I had Lasagna.
- What did he have?
- He had fish.

Doctor, two more are sick.
The other passengers are worried.

We'll handle the passengers.
Find out what the sick
people had for dinner.

This is Captain Oveur speaking.
It's bumpy, but we'll be
past it in a few minutes.

We're now flying over Hoover Dam,
and later we'll pass south
of the Grand Canyon.

Meanwhile, relax and
enjoy your flight, OK?

Chicago, this is flight 209er.
We're in trouble.

We need traffic below us cleared
and priority landing in Chicago.
My husband's very sick.
Can you do something?

The doctor will be with
you in just a moment.

Do you know what he had for dinner?
Yes, we both had fish. Why?
It's nothing to be alarmed about.
We'll be back to you very quickly.
Doctor, Mr Hammen ate fish,
and Randy said there are five
more cases, and they all had fish.

The co-pilot had fish.
What did the navigator have?

He had fish.
All right, now we know
what we're up against.

Those who had fish for dinner
will soon become violently ill.

- Just how serious is it?
- Extremely serious.

It starts with a slight fever,
dryness of the throat.

When the virus penetrates,
the victim becomes dizzy,

and begins to experience
an itching rash.