American Gigolo

I'm lying here with a hard-on,
it's not even 10:00 yet.

Don't tease me.
Come on, baby, you're teasing me.

I'm gonna have to hang up
and jerk off right now. I am.

Yeah, I'm touching myself.
You like that, don't you?

Oh, come on, baby. Don't say that.
We're talking about having more
pleasure than you've had in years,

you got to bring up
some stupid little $1,200 stereo?

How much does your husband make?
What's he worth?

A couple of million?
Of course I could do without it.
I can listen to the radio.

The speaker's cracked.
Lisa. Lisa, listen to yourself.
You know what you're saying?

Can you hold on a second?
Somebody's at the door.

Good morning.
What do you want for breakfast?
Coffee, juice, croissant, eggs?

Julian Kay.
I want two coffee,
orange juice, croissant...

No eggs.
:30:20 scrambled egg
and a side of cottage cheese.

Lisa, I'm here with a hard-on,
people all over, I can't talk.

I'll see you about 5:00. Bye-bye.
So, what do you think?
About what?
Did you make the right decision
to come here last night?

Was it what you expected?
No. It was like really making love.
I'm not used...