Hi, how's it going?
- You look great!
- With the bulge!

Hi! Alan, this is Julie.
Nice to meet you.
The pleasure's all mine.
Come on, all aboard.
- I'll ride in front.
- Arnold, in the back with me.

Come on, get in!
We've got to stop by the hotel
to pick up the bags.

Hold tight.
Here, this is island I'm going to.
It's about 100 miles from the coast.
Well, we could include it
in ourtrip.

It's weird that there's no
ferry service though.

No, it's not weird at all.
It's practically uninhabited
off season.

The families are self-sufficient.
It's only full of tourists in Summer.

Believe me, it's a paradise.
- How do you get there?
- By boat or by hitching a ride.

I was delayed and arrived late.
- Or I'd have left with my friends.
- But then we wouldn't have met.

Are going there or not?
Let's vote on it.
Those in favour raise their hands.

- Yes!
- Okay then, let's go!

I can wait to get onboard the boat.
- How long will it take?
- Two days.

- Is that everyone?
- Yes, let's go!

Come on. We're all here.
Move over a little, please.