It's almost night, we can't do
anything. We've got to stay calm.

You're right, it's getting dark.
Let's look for somewhere
to spend the night.

We can go to my friends' house.
They'll put us up.

- Is this all their stuff?
- Yes, but they've vanished.

It's like a nightmare.
What could've happened?

I don't know.
Any hypothesis
just seems absurd right now.

Maybe they left in a hurry.
But no one would leave without
taking at least something.

Unless they were in total panic,

Maybe an epidemic broke out,
a deadly virus.

No such virus exists
and then we'd have found bodies,

Perhaps that woman Daniel saw
knows what happened.

Maybe she'll turn up again.
She'd have got in touch by now
if she wanted to.

I don't think
she'll show herself again.

Even if she tried to scare us
with that horrible thing.

She succeeded,
even if it was too late.

Hey there! Hello!
How romantic!
Want to eat in your room or will you
be coming to the restaurant?

Service is included.