I'm here!
Come here!
Help me! Let's take him upstairs.
It's Julie, do you remember me?
Calm down, it's all over now.
Ouch! Be careful.
Shut up, it's not serious.
She didn't get any vital organs,
but it is a nasty cut.
Boil some water, clean the wound
and dress it.

- How is she?
- Not too good.

She's badly shaken up.
Who knows how long
she was down there?

She's the daughter of my friends.
You didn't tell me she was blind.
It happened when she was five,
after a car accident.

- How's Daniel?
- It's nothing serious.

I'm just worried about infection.
I want to go into the village
and get antibiotics from the store.

- What, now?
- Yeah, it's better.

Arnold will come with me.
Can you hear me?
What happened in the village?

What happened
to your mother and father?

I don't know, but they're scared.
- What of?
- I don't know.