What's the matter? Move it!
There's no point. They're dead.
They're all dead.
Carol was right,
this place is cursed.

That monster will kill us all,
me too.

Don't talk crap.
The curse, the monster,
it's all bullshit!

Okay, Daniel was killed by a bite
from a human.

We can't deny that, but maybe it's
the work of some poor lunatic.

Maybe we can kill him
before he kills us.

But we can't abandon
Maggie and Carol.

Dead or alive,
we've got to find them.

Let's go.
Come on!
Who could this place belong to?
The Vortmans. I've never met them,
but it must be theirs.

Klaus Vortman was in the papers
a few months ago.

His yacht was wrecked off the coast
of the island.

He disappeared with his wife
and son.

Any surviving family members?
I think there's a sister. They said
she went crazy after the accident.

They were very close.