Aus dem Leben der Marionetten

and nerves and pieces of bone
contains two totally incompatible...

l don't know what to call it.
Two incompatible people.
The dream of intimacy,
of tenderness, common interests...

of the ability to forget yourself
and of all that is alive.

And on the other hand, the violence,
the obscenity, the horror and death.

Sometimes l think they all stem
from one and the same origin.

l don't know.
And how could l know anyway?
Perhaps my dreams were
just a bit too beautiful.

And as a punishment...
Life punishes you
when you least expect it.

When you get your orgasm,
your nose is so deep in shit...

that you almost suffocate.
Look at me.
Do me a favour and hold my hand.
Lay it lightly against your cheek.
Can you feel my hand?
Can you feel that it's me?
That it's me?