Bronco Billy

Ladies and gentlemen...
...boys and girls...
...we welcome you this evening...
:03:09 the greatest, the most authentic...
...Wild West Show in America!
So hang on...
:03:16 your hats and boots...
...or your loved one's hand.
Let us take you back to a time...
...when the cowboys and Indians
roamed our great land!

And now, for our first act this evening...
...Chief Big Eagle...
...the great-great grandson of
the great Apache Indian chief, Geronimo...

...will perform his legendary
Rattlesnake Dance...

...that no white man has ever seen before!
And that's for sure!
Chief Big Eagle!
I'm awful scared, Bronco Billy.
Everybody's a little nervous
their first night in show business.

You just do what we rehearsed
and everything will be fine.

Yeah, but I'm awful scared, Bronco Billy.
Take a swig of this,
it'll make you feel great.

The Chief got bit again by the rattlesnake.
Running Water took him to their truck
and gave him a shot of Doc's Snake Bite.

I don't know why he can't just do
the Great Apache Flaming Arrow Act.