I have the forensic report...
sitting in front of me.
According to all
my scientific friends...

it's just not all that clear
on that point.

You've got some
indigent inmates...

buried in
an old paupers' graveyard.

Anything else, I think,
is pure speculation.

Do paupers die
in pieces, Dr. Gregory?

Mr. Partridge, this board
is quite capable...

of questioning
its witnesses...

and this whole procedure...
this whole procedure
could have been...

a closed hearing.
It would be
in everyone's best interest...

if we got Mr. Brubaker's
thoughts on his firing.

Our primary responsibility
at this point in time...

is the Christian reinterment...
of the remains...
and to regain the control
over this institution...

that our warden relinquished.
We don't have any more gunfights
in our streets.

Any comment on what your thoughts
might be on priority?

I tried to reach
the governor on that...

and give him
my thoughts...

but we all know
how busy he is.

The board can handle this.
I was going to suggest...
the best way to prevent
trouble, confusion...

or a waste of
the taxpayers' money...

would be to shoot prisoners
sentenced to Wakefield.

All right, that's enough!
You answer to
those remarks, mister!

Miss Gray
can explain them.

I believe you speak
the same language.

You want me
to bring him back?