[Man] The business
of this prison is farming...

not digging up pasture
looking for old graveyards.

What's done is done.
We got ourselves
plenty to think about today.

Never mind
dwelling about yesterday.

We all got to get back
to the basics at hand.

That's why
I'm standing up here...

saying to you convicts
straight out...

how Rory Poke is going to
run this here prison.

We won't be
wasting any more time...

misunderstanding each other.
I am a fiirm believer
in discipline.

If a convict does
his share of work...

he's not going to have anything
to worry about.

That ain't been happening
around here lately.

And there ain't no crop...
in no fiield at no prison
that I'm in charge of...

that's going to die
in the fiields.

The trusties will divide you
into work groups.

You listen, now.
You give them any trouble...
and they've got my permission...
to punish
the troublemaker hard...

fair, but hard.
I packed up
your personal things.

If you get any mail,
I'll take care of it.

Don't worry.