Do you know what I just saw?
A gopher!
A gopher? Where?
Do you know what gophers
can do to a golf course?

I think they're tunneling in from
that construction site over yonder.

Czervik Construction Company?
I'll slap an injunction on them so
fast it will make their heads spin!

You get rid of those gophers...
...or I'll be looking for a new
greenskeeper! Is that clear?

Aye, sir! Very clear, sir!
I'll put my best man on it!
I'm looking at you.
You wore green so you could hide.

I don't blame you. You're a tramp.
Oh, that was a good one!

That was right where you wanted it.
Mrs. Crane, you're a little
monkey woman, you know that?

You're a little monkey woman.
You're lean...

...and you're mean and you're not
too far between either...

...I bet, are you, huh?
Would you like to wrap
your spikes around my head?

Damn your eyes, man!
I told you to cut the long grass on
the 13th and mow the practice green!

I was unavoidably detained.
Well, you can forget about
the 13th and the practice green.

I've got a more important job for you.
I want you to kill every gopher
on the course!

Check me if I'm wrong, Sandy,
but if I kill all the golfers...

...they're going to lock me up
and throw away the key.

Gophers! Gophers!
The little brown furry rodents!

We can do that.
We don't even have to have a reason.
Then do it, man!
I'll just do the same thing,
but with gophers.

It's not my fault nobody can
understand what you're saying.