Cannibal Holocaust

There are 12 hours of sun a day,
from 6am to 6pm.
It's below the equator,

the climate is torrid,
one sweats a lot.

There is humidity, insects,
snakes, crocodiles...

And piranhas in the water.
We all knew it.

Even if nobody told it,
it was very probable.

Some even said that sharks
were going up the river

from the ocean and entered
this gigantic river,

the shores of which you cannot see.
It's almost a sea.

The water is yellowish, muddy.
Every day, we went to
incredible places,

in the middle of the jungle.
The Indians

who worked with us
walked in front of us
with machetes,
like in adventure movies,

so that we could go on,
and find the right place.

Certain places were quiet,
others were really tough.
All this mud...
You have to stay alert
in the jungle.

It's shocking because
he managed to make

a realistic movie.
It really looks like
it is happening

to this poor girl, this reporter.
Because it was shot...
It looks so true,
you know.

There is no fiction,
it doesn't look like a

constructed movie, but like
a spontaneous one.

A movie that was shot,

with a lot of courage,
of intelligence and expertise.

The buildings were the same
as the ones of the natives.
I never wanted to build