Dressed to Kill

I'm Dr. Elliott.
Oh Doctor... Uh, say listen,
would you uh, have a seat outside my
office in the corner over there.

I'll be right with you.
All right.
So give me three copies...
Why don't you let go of me, will ya?
Are you Kate Miller's son?
I'm Dr. Elliott... your mother's doctor.
Why do you have to be here?
I made Mike bring me.
He's uh... identifying the...

My Mom wouldn't be dead
if I had come with her.

Oh, you shouldn’t feel responsible
for your mother's death.

If you talk about it,
I might be able to help you.

Do you know who killed her?

Then you can’t help, can you?
Not now maybe but later,
if you want someone to talk to about
all this... ask your father to...

No, no, no, he's not my father.
My father was killed in Viet Nam.

Take this you can call me anytime
I'm always there all day long.

I'm usually there.
Okay Doctor, let's talk for a minute.
Call me.