Dressed to Kill

She was picked up by Lockman
at the museum.

She spent the afternoon at his place
and was chopped up in the elevator
on her way out.

That girl out there saw the murder.
That's terrible...
Do you know who it is?
Some broad!

A woman.
Yeah... Miss Blake didn't get
a great look at her face

cause she had on these big sunglasses.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Yeah... when you spoke with Mrs. Miller.
Did she say she was gonna meet anybody?
Did she leave your office with anybody?
What was she seeing you for?
Oh nothing too serious. She was having
some problems with her marriage

and I was helping her work them out.
What kind of problem!
Are you married Detective Marino?
Two sons.
When was the last time you had
inter course with your wife?

Now what the fuck is it to you?
That's exactly how I feel about your
questions concerning Mrs. Miller.

Oh hey look, Doctor.
We got a brutally murder woman here...
who passed the point of being
embarrassed by anything U might tell me

I guess youÂ’re right.
I'm sorry, but I'm just not used to
discussing the patient's case
with outsiders.

I'm not an outsider I'm a cop.
Now let's make it easy for you.