Dressed to Kill

Hey, uh, could she have met one of
the nuts in your office?

I mean some kind of weirdo she could've
turned on that might have followed her?

The term we use
Detective Marino is not weirdo

but a person suffering from emotional
dysfunction and a problem of maladaption

And they never come to my office.
Are you sure,
How about new patient?
I mean how do you know how nuts
they are until you see 'em?

Well of course that's possible,
but it's hardly likely...

Doctor, you're not protecting
one of your patients now, are you?

Absolutely not.
Well Doc, you've got to
look at it my way.

See, we got no leads,
except a witness out there...

Who maybe... should take a look at
all your patients

that were around that morning.
And that way I can be absolutely sure
that my uh... weirdo

isn't your person suffering from
emotional dysfunctions and problems
of maladaption.

Peter, come on. Let's go home.
Okay Doctor, I'm sorry, you're not more
uh, cooperative which means that

I'm just gonna have to waste some time
in getting a court order

to check out your appointment book.
I'm sorry too but I feel I must protect
the confidentiality of my patients.

Oh, of course, we're just
two professionals doing our job huh?