Dressed to Kill

and getting him in town and down town
and in here

to sign this statement as to exactly
what he saw and when he saw it.

How the hell am I supposed to
know where he is?

Well if you can't find him,
I sure can't.

And anyway, you got a lot better
motivation than I do... your ass.

Now get the hell outta here.
I'm giving you 28 hours.

And don't try to blow town.
I'll be keeping tabs on you.

Liz... Where the hell have you been?

I've been trying to get you all day.

Oh Ted was terrific... as a matter of
fact, that's why I'm calling,

I'd like to see him again...
When's he coming back?
Two weeks? That's no good.

Um, do you have a number for him?
I'd like to give him a call.

What do you mean your Escort Service
doesn't give out numbers?

I want to talk to him.
Trouble? No, I'm not in any trouble,
I just want to talk to the guy...

Okay, okay, thanks, thanks for nothing