By the way...
-...you were reading the girl's part.

-You're not into high school, remember?
-I'm into dancing.

You're into ass, you mean. You don't
have to go to high school for that.

-I was doing you a favor, remember?
-Some fat fucking favor.

Take your things to the third floor.
Give your forms to the senior there.

Okay, you go downstairs, change
in the girls' room and wait for him.

I'm through?
I don't have to dance anymore?

Where you going, Leroy?
He's in and I'm out, right?

Fuck you, Leroy! This was my audition,
remember? You're not into high school.

We were rehearsing to get me into this
school, not you, you fucker! It's not fair!

I didn't want to come here anyway.
This school sucks.

You've done me a favor, shithead.
You saved me four fucking years
from this ass-licking school!

You looking at one happy lady!
Who wants to go to a fucking school
to learn to dance, anyway?

Yeah, hello?
No, it isn't. This is Naomi Finsecker
speaking. Her mother. Who is this?

What do you mean, replacement?

So is she in or is she out?
I got in! I got in!
I got into Performing Arts!

Doris, we're in!