Flash Gordon

Whoever they are,
it's clear they are highly developed.

- I'm sure we can reason with them.
- Want to bet on it?

- My God!
- Is this a Civic Reception?

- More like a police state.
- That could be our good luck.

It means we'll find allies everywhere.
They're just waiting for someone
to lead them in revolt.

- Are you looking at me, Zarkov?
- Please. I just want to get home.

Guards, halt.
Prisoners, follow me.

Halt, Lizard Man!
Escape is impossible. Surrender.

Prisoners, march below me
to Emperor Ming.

Let's not argue. Here, hold my hand.
- You want to reason with that?
- If it fails, I still have the gun.

Don't worry. I'll make it plain
I'm acting on my own.

- It's plain suicide.
- It's a rational transaction.

- One life for billions.
- Halt!