Flash Gordon

- at 29.15 Mingo mean time.
Fly back to your kingdom.
You may see me sooner than you think.

- Lying bitch.
- I'll come.

If you rocket there right away.
I've a surprise for you.

- Don't you love me?
- I don't trust you.

Just be there.
I demand to see the Governor.
I can hardly breathe in this thing.
Yes, you don't look well. And I'm told
you refused your final meal.

- The chef will be upset.
- Tell him to go to hell!

Gas works more quickly
on an empty stomach. Any requests?

- Let me see Dale right away.
- Oh, dear. How pathetic.

Yes, I anticipated that.
Bring in the Emperor's concubine.
- Oh, my God!
- I said I want to see her!

You have until the sands run out.
You look great.
No kidding, you look great.

It's the eye make-up. I hope
I remember the trick when I wake up.

That's exactly
what I was gonna tell you.