Flash Gordon

But it will make you not mind

This isn't bad at all.
It's a thought amplifier. I'm going to
think to Barin to expect us.

- You're kidding. Think to him?
- Of course.

- Don't you have telepathy on Earth?
- Could I call Dale on this?

- If I showed you how. But I won't.
- Please, show me.

You'll have to persuade me
much better than that.

What are you doing? Are you mad?
Let go, we're diving into Frigia.

- Pull up.
- Just tune me in to Dale.

Dale, it's me, Flash.
Are you getting me?

Oh, my head.
If it only was you.

- She's not getting me.
- Use your brain.

I'm with you, Dale. Just concentrate hard.
It's telepathy.

Can this be real?
I saw you executed.

- I was saved.
- Thank God. Where are you?

In a rocket to Arboria, to get help.
Are you okay?

- I'm locked in Ming's bedroom.
- Fake him out. Girls know how.

It's been done to me.
"Fake him out till I get back."