Flash Gordon

I'll keep him all right! In my larder.
Take him, with the rest of the meat.

I forbid it. If you kill Flash,
you'll never have me again.

What danger is there?
Everyone thinks he's dead.

- I'll take him to Cythera next week.
- Harboring a fugitive is treason.

You're not frightened of Ming.
- You are playing with fire, Aura.
- Of course I am.

Does anyone ever trust her twice?
So they let us escape because Klytus
thought he erased your memory.

Do you know why it failed? I started
to recite Shakespeare, the Talmud. -

- Einstein, anything I could remember,
even The Beatles. It armored me.

They couldn't wipe those things away.
You can't beat the human spirit.

Prince Barin! I'm not your enemy,
Ming is. And you know it.

Ming is the enemy of every creature
on Mongo. Let's team up and fight him.

Lower them into the swamp.
We can do it, Barin!