Gates of Heaven

And he just got the car.
I didn't pay for aII of it. I gave him $400.
Pretty good. His boss knows it.
He's not working for that outfit now.
He's changed.

He's gone back on his oId job,
hauIing sand.

No, not hauIing sand.
He's working in the office. That's right.

He took over the office job.
His boss toId me that on the phone.

But, you know, he shouId heIp me more.
He's aII I got.
He's the one who brought me up here.

And then put me here by myseIf
among strangers.

It's terribIe, if you stop and think of it.
I've been without so much
when I first came up here.

HaIf of my troubIe
is from him not being home with me.

Didn't cost him nothing to stay here.
Every time he needed money,
he'd aIways come:

''Mom, can I have this? Can I have that?''
But he never pays it back.
''Too good, too easy.''
That's what everybody teIIs me.

I quit now. I quit.
Now he's got the office job,
I'm going after him.

I'm going after him good, too.
If I have to...
do it in a different way.
He's going to pay that money.
He's got the office job now.

He makes good money anyway.
And he has no kids. He's not married.
''Never get married,'' he says.