You know me. I cross every ''T''
and dot every ''I.''

[ Woman ] Is it someone
who was recommended to you?

Well, no, but I'm sure
it's quite all right.

He's putting down
a rather large cash deposit...

and he looks very reliable.
Well, I'm trusting yourjudgment.
Well, thank you, Mrs. Myerson.
I'm sure it'll be all right.

Lovely woman.
Very particular.

You're not a Democrat, are you?
- No, ma'am. Oh.
- Can you hear me?

Yes, Mrs. Myerson,
and I'm sure Mr. Hannaway...

is going to enjoy
your gracious home.

Now you just take care
of yourself, honey.

I will.
Well, that's settled.
Now all you have to do
is sign the papers...

and pay over
that nasty old money.

It's pretty hot out there,
isn't it?

Yes. It is 1 5 degrees warmer
than usual for this time of year.

- Is that a fact?
- Yes.

Now here's the inventory.
Now you must promise to be extra
careful with the Myerson's effects.

Oh, I will.
I certainly will, ma'am.

- Where do I sign?
- Right here.

Ah, such peace and quiet.
They say it is the coolest spot
on the island.

Should be a wonderful place
to rest up after your operation.

- What did you say it was for?
- Prostate.

Oh, of course.
Well, you know, Mr. Hannaway...

my husband had it done
two years ago.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

And I wanna tell you,
it didn't make any difference.

- I mean, we went
on a second honeymoon.
- Oh, that's nice.

And, Mr. Hannaway, honey, you
take care of yourself, you hear?

Yes, ma'am.
[ Clears Throat ]