Ko to tamo peva

Come, sit there.
You are crazy!
- Rules are rules.

Drive on, Misko!
When we arrive in Belgrade,
we go to my sister.

And tomorrow morning we travel
to the sea. -What sea?

What do you think why I have escaped
from the house, now, when we are married?

I want to see the sea.
Why haven't you said it before?
- 'Cause you wouldn't have come!

If you don't want, go back home.
There it is, go stay alone.

Ok, don't be mad.
- I go.

Daddy, when we arrive in Belgrade,
will we go to the Zoo again?

Off course, Misko.
He likes animals so much. In the Zoo
I can't get him off the cage with monkeys.

'Cause they are so funny!
Nice boy.