Raging Bull

He's dead. They say he won.
Tommy should have been there.
He's got to fight with Tommy
or he'll wind up punch-drunk.

- I know.
- It's best for everybody.

- I said I know.
- You got to make him know.

When will you stop
with all that stuff?

I understand. He wants
to do things for himself.

- Hard to understand?
- He's got a concrete head.

You think it's easy?
You talk to him.

- I can't.
- Why not?

- He don't like me.
- Nobody does.

I know...I know who's the boss.
The judges didn't know.
The people knew.

You don't believe me.
Thought I was foolin' around.

Tell me the truth.
I ain't foolin' around.

- That's in your mind.
- Yeah, so what?

With that championship belt
around me, I'll fool around.

- Is it done?
- No, it's not done.

Don't overcook it.
It defeats the purpose.