Raging Bull

They go to close quarters.
Round seven. Robinson's ahead.
La Motta may need a knockout.

Robinson's down for
the second time in his career.

La Motta watches Sugar Ray
take the count from the referee.

- Robinson's trying to get up.
- Seven...eight...

He's on his feet now,
and he's stunned.

La Motta comes at him. Robinson
is well ahead on points.

He hooks a left to the jaw.
Your attention, fans.
Judge Joe Lanahan scores it 8-1,
one even, in favour of Robinson.

..with a score of 6-2,
two even,

for the winner by unanimous
decision, Sugar Ray Robinson.

He only won 'cause
he's going in the army.

I knocked him down.
What else can I do?

They robbed you. Their mothers
take it up the fuckin' ass.

Maybe it's because
I've done bad things.

Maybe I'm a jinx.
Forget that shit.
This was your shot.

- They robbed us!
- Want to talk to Vickie?

No, I don't.
- Joey, take her home.
- OK.

- You all right?
- I'm OK.

- You sure?
- Make sure she's OK.