Raging Bull

Anything's possible, all right?
You're right,
but you're pickin' on this girl.

You're worried
about your weight.

You're saying,
"Go inside! Who asked you?"

- You'll give her an excuse.
- She was talkin' about a guy.

So? She was talkin'
on your behalf.

She was talkin'
about a pretty kid.

Make him ugly.
- Just do it.
- All right.

You should go inside
and make up with her.

Tell her you'll take her out.
Then you can leave
with a clear head, all right?

All right. Where you want to go?
Out out. If you tell her now,
take her aside,

'cause I'm not taking Lenore.
What, you think I'll tell her?
- Do what you want.
- I am.

Come here.
Good evening.
It's great to be back.

Come on, lady, laugh.
I laughed when you come in.

Seriously, we have
a special guest with us.

He's the world's leading
middleweight contender.

The Bronx Bull. The Raging Bull.
Let's hear it for Jake La Motta!