Shao Lin ta peng hsiao tzu

That's not right
That's highway robbery
You Manchurians shouldn't be violent
You should be reasonable
Brother Sheng...
This is the most sensible thing
What do you want to do?
Brother Sheng...
Ah Chao, Shih Sheng, stop messing around
Why are you's unreasonable
Stop fighting; stop it
Our fabric is getting worse recently
That's why our boss
is hiring the technicians

Yuan Li Hou and Chuan Min are here
To help you
It's because of the Manchurians
We have to take a pay cut
Be quiet
This is the boss' idea
Take it or leave it
Then I'll be the first to leave
Chou Shih Sheng
I'll quit too
Me too
I'm also leaving
So am l
I'll go too
Count me in
I'm not going to stay either
Let's go...I'll go too
What a nerve, Chou Shih Sheng!
You started a strike
Whoever dares to leave the mill...
I'll break his legs
Move away
Move it...
You want to fight
Stop fighting