Shao Lin ta peng hsiao tzu

Hurry up...
I don't need any help
Where are you going?
Shaolin Temple
Which Temple?
Shaolin Temple
Which one of the 36 chambers?
The kitchen chamber, of course
The kitchen?
Get out
Hey little one, did you find out anything?
Found out every tiny detail. Let's go
Come back! Stop...
What is your problem?
Is this for real?
I have done my homework
To go to Shaolin Temple
You got to have a lot of courage
Did he ask for all of us?
There is the rule San Te Monk sets
After one year, the freshers...
Can go home for a while
Why is that?
For no apparent reason
He needs to ensure your willpower
To see if the person has consistency
and endurance

What will happen otherwise?
You can't go back anymore
And if one comes through all the tests?
He will let them know
He'll tell them which day to return
Which day of which month?
The next day
Really the next day
Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve
One dozen. Thank you
Excuse me! I didn't see you