Shao Lin ta peng hsiao tzu

Merciful Buddha
Merciful Buddha. Your good name, Abbot?
I'm San Te
San Te?
What brings you here, Sir?
:48:37, I've come for you
Is there anything I can do for you?
Hope that you will take me in
I would like to be your pupil
Where are you from?
I'm from North Shaolin Temple
Do they also have freshmen there?
I lived in the village below North Shaolin
How did you get into our chamber?
I fought my way through
And I came in through the lron Gate
What's wrong with your head?
:49:12 see, I've got gray hair
I'm still young so I dyed it black
All right. You want to be my apprentice
You'll have to wash your head first
Thank you, Abbot
Abbot San Te
Can I wash my head here?