Shao Lin ta peng hsiao tzu

Ah Chieh
Mr. Li, Hsiao Tsing
Hsiao Li, Mr. Chang
Hsiao Hung
Ah Chieh
You've changed to a new job
Where is my brother?
He's still at home
Why is he at home?
It's my fault. I screwed up
Caused you to lose your jobs
How is business?
We depend on the customers
They are mostly from the Dyeing Mill
Their pay is getting less and less
They can't afford to buy anything
It's all because of those Manchurians
Well, we don't need to fear them anymore
You've learnt Shaolin Kung Fu
What are you saying?
You've learned Kung Fu in Shaolin Temple
There is no need to be afraid of them
Yes, no more fear
I...I didn't learn martial arts
You pretended once before, even though...
you didn't know Kung Fu
Now you've really learnt Kung Fu
I am not lying this once
I couldn't learn martial arts at Shaolin
Why then did you spend
so much time there?

Maybe working your eyes? Ears? Or head?
What did you do there?
Did you learn anything?
I was scaffolding
Hey, are you still making fun of us?
Please be serious
Right. Don't kid around
I feel bad.
I've been in Shaolin for 3 years

Yet I didn't learn anything...
Except scaffolding
Why did you come back?
If you haven't learned martial arts
Why did you come back?
They sent me away