Shao Lin ta peng hsiao tzu

Ah Chao, have you hurt yourself?
Are you all right?
What happened?
Ah Chieh threw you over
Yes, he did it
Did he throw me over?
It is Kung Fu. He must've learnt it
That's right! He absolutely has
It's fantastic!
But why did he deny it?
Be good! Don't cry!
Don't cry...
Brother! I'm back
You're back from Shaolin
Ah Fen, he is back from Shaolin
It's great
Ah Chieh
Brother, your hand...
No big deal. We were waiting forever
You've learned Kung Fu from Shaolin
We've been waiting for a long time
Finally you're back!
Right. We've been anxiously awaiting...
For you to bring justice
Dear sister-in-law
Wong Kao Feng and his staff
They've bullied us for so long
We must pay it back this time. Ah Fen
Teach them a lesson
That's right
Brother, Sister-in-law
I didn't learn anything in Shaolin
I haven't learned Kung Fu there
You're lying
It's true. I haven't
Well, you just don't want to help us
And you've learned it. I'll hit you
I really didn't learn any martial arts
What are you doing?
Let go off me. Let me go...
Please let me go
Did you hear me? Let me go
You're mistaken. You're pulling me