Somewhere in Time

Hi. Nice to meet you.
This is my girlfriend, Shelley.

Your set.
I don't understand why...

You found some
essential truth on that stage today.

It's about Vietnam.
It's about whatever
you want it to be about.

Richard! We loved the play.
Thank you. I'll talk to you later.
You aced it. You aced it.
This is... I'm sorry,
I don't know your name.

Shelley, my girlfriend. I'm Richard.
I'm Richard, and I'm thirsty, so...
We'll talk to you later.

That was a fine, fine play. Really.
- I'm afraid I don't know...
- Mike.

I'm gonna talk to this guy, OK?

- What is happening?
- This is for you from all of us.

Hey, Shelley. Oh, thank you.
Look at this. Wait a minute.
Did everybody sign this?

Everybody signed.
- Thank you. Where'd you sign this?
- I signed it inside.