Tom Horn

You ain't champion yet.
Besides, you're acting like an asshole.

- I could go to the penitentiary over you.
- Now, wait a minute.

Before we start this fight,
I wanna ask you one question.

- Is it about my mother?
- No. I've said enough about her.

If I win this fight,
am I the champion of the world?

You're not big enough.
Then what are you picking on
a little fellow like me for?

You get in a fight in a public bar,
they'll discredit you from your profession.

I'm gonna save you from that.
That ain't the real Tom Horn, is it?
He doesn't seem to be
too scared of Corbett.

He's gonna get himself killed.
Lord, the end is here.
- Is Tom Horn in there?
- Yeah, he's here.

Last stall on the right.
But I wouldn't go in there
with that horse if I were you.

That son of a bitch is harebrained.
He's got him trained to stand people off.
Well, he's a hero of the frontier
and he's lying here in Hagersville...

with his face kicked in.
- Can you hear me?
- Yeah.

How bad you hurt?
Wasn't much of a party.
Say, you another one
of those newspaper guys?

No, I ain't, but I'd like to get you out
from under that horse if I can.

Open up that gate and I'll walk him out.
Let me ask you something.
- Are you in fact Tom Horn?
- Yes, I am.

Goddamn, Tom.
You know, here in Jerkville,
where these yokels...

is busy flicking dandruff
off their mail-order suits...

they forget awful quick
that it was men like you that made it...

safe and possible for them
to lead out their dull little lives.

Right now,
I wish I had nothing to do with it.