Tom Horn

Howdy, John.
It's this Horn situation. We got a problem.
You think maybe he might be
just a little bit too protective?

You know we still got
the Nolt sheep problem on the south fork.

But the rustling has stopped.
Yeah. I think it's his rifle
every bit as much as his reputation...

that's done that.
It's almost a foregone conclusion
that this fellow's working for us.

You know, after that incident in town,
we're just within one damn inch...

of having our names splattered
all over the newspaper...

and I don't have to tell you
what an embarrassing situation...

that can put all of us in.
What do you suggest?
John, we just can no longer
afford this fellow.

He's only doing
what we hired him to do, you know.

The time has come for us
to divest ourselves of this Mr. Horn.

I think Joe there
is the answer to that question.

Let this thing lie down, John. Understand?
Thank you, John.