Where the Buffalo Roam

# A thrill a minute, an invention a day
# It's the American way
# A thrill a minute, an invention a day
# It's the American way... #
I was deciding to write off this weird town,
makes you sleep forever.

'This wouldn't be the first time I got sucked
into writing about Lazlo, Karl Lazlo esquire,

'attorney at law, my attorney.
'This was the man I counted on
to keep me out of jail in those years.

'Those weird years between
the '60s and the '70s,

'the age of Nixon.
'It was a time to keep your head down.
'I was a working journalist, a hired geek
of sorts, and Lazlo was great company

'and sometimes a good lawyer.
'It was a fast, strange time,
and we worked in fast, strange ways.'

He claimed he was being chased
by Mr Nixon

when his car was attacked
by a swarm of bats.

It's obvious he was having
a paranoid drug reaction.

Every 20 minutes, he calls down to the desk,
demands to see his lawyer and hangs up.

He claims he's being held a prisoner.
Er, I'm rambling.
I think I'd better tell my readers that I'm
no longer responsible for anything I write.

Er, I've been without sleep for 80 hours
so I'm beyond simple fatigue.