American Pop

It looks very bad.
Leo, I ain't no stage singer.
So I'm not loud enough for you.
All right, so I get up
on the stage occasionally...

Get out of here...
towards the end of the evening.
Granted the old box
ain't what it used to be...

but no dancing horses!
And now you expect me
to hobble into 60 joints tonight?

I can't even get
the chorus slips out.

I wonder how
they'd like it if l...

Kid, come here. Wanna make a penny?
Any more kids standing around out there?

Hey. He can't come in here
without payin'.

- He's goin' right away, Charlie.
- I got my orders. He has to pay.

He'll keep his eyes closed.
He won't see nothin'. His ears closed.

He won't hear nothin',
won't breathe nothin', won't do nothin'.

He'II get nothin' of value.
He'll pay nothin'!

Here. Give these out
to the clientele. Come on.

Give those to the people, son.
And speedy. These folks
gotta sing along with me.

It's rough when they start with 'Daisy"
in the midst of "Marie of Sunny Italy."

Come on. Like this. Come.
Pardon me, folks.

Chorus slips for the wonderful song
the lovely Lily Montgomery...

is gonna be introducing
in just a few moments.

So as not to be left behind
at the bridge...

I'm sure you'll want
to peruse these in advance.

Waiter! A light here.
No need to worry about
the number currently onstage.

Ours is far superior in every way...
as I'm sure you'll agree
when you hear it, huh?

You'll find yourself
just bursting into song as well.

It don't hurt to swipe the other slips
some other bozo might have left behind.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Here. Go.

Come on. Go.
Beggin' your pardon, folks,
chorus slips for a wonderful song...

the lovely Lily Montgomery's gonna
be introducin' in just a few minutes.

The kid's a genius.