Blow Out


God, that scream is terrible.
- What cat did you strangle to get that?
- That's her voice.

- You didn't dub that?
- No.

- That's hers?
- Yeah.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

Run it again. I wanna hear the scream.
- Run it?
- Yeah.

And kill all the effects
except for the scream.

Kill it.
You're right. It's hers. And it's shit.
Look, Jack, I didn't hire that girl
for her scream. I hired her for her tits.

Then why worry?
Who's gonna be watching her scream?

Wait a minute. Come on, Jack.
Look, how many years
have we worked together?

Let's see. I met you on Blood Bath, right?
And then we did Blood Bath II.
And then we did Bad Day at Blood Beach.
And then we did Bordello of Blood.
Well, that brings us up to date.
Co-ed Frenzy.

By the way, I didn't tell you this but...
I'd like to think this is our finest film.
- Almost two years.
- Oh, God. Five films in two years.

You know what I can't figure out? Why
a smart guy like you is still doing that shit.

Come on! You do the shit. I do the sound.
No, you do the shit. That wind sounds
like you're whistling in the crapper!

It's library stuff we used a million times.
That is the trouble!
I have heard it a million times!