Blow Out

Joan, any word
from the Bellevue Stratford yet?

Not yet, Bill, but as soon as there is,
we will be going there live.

Liberty Day is one of the most eagerly
awaited of all Philadelphia celebrations.

But this year it's going to be extra special.
It is 1 00 years since the Liberty Bell
was last rung. To honour this centennial,

...a parade on Saturday
will end up at Penn's Landing
with a spectacular display of fireworks.

In addition, a full-size replica
of the Liberty Bell has been made

from pennies donated by schoolchildren
from every state in the Union.

And they'll be ringing it
after the fireworks at Penn's Landing.

That's right.
Hold it. We've got the Bellevue Stratford.
Let's go live to our political
correspondent, Frank Donahue,

at the Liberty Ball
at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel.

Frank, you look fabulous.
Have you spoken with the governor yet?

Yes, Joan, briefly. He just arrived.
I did ask the governor his impression
so far of this year's Liberty Day Jubilee.

He said he was honoured to be here
and plans to attend the parade and the
ringing of the new bell on Saturday night.

He felt it a shame the Liberty Bell
had been silenced for so long.


He looked forward to a new voice
of liberty throughout the land.

The governor is now greeting friends and
will be enjoying a meal in the ballroom.

But his people have told us
that he will speak to us after that meal.


I'm Frank Donahue. "Eye on the City"
News, Bellevue Stratford.

Thank you, Frank.
We'll be getting back to you later on.

Meanwhile, in other news,
a teacher's strike...